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About Us Javizen Script

Javizen Exchange Script is a cutting-edge financial software solution designed to streamline and automate cryptocurrency trading. With advanced algorithms and user-friendly features, Javizen offers traders a powerful tool to enhance their trading strategies and make informed decisions in the volatile world of digital asset markets.

If you are looking to start a crypto currency exchange, stay with us in this article. First, we will discuss the most important features of an online exchange.

Then we will teach you how to set up a crypto currency exchange in the shortest possible time and with unique advantages.

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About Us Javizen Script

important features of javizen script

The most important features of the Javizen cryptocurrency exchange source

Javizen script high security

When you want to use the source of crypto currency exchange, you must first pay attention that no malware is used in the codes.

Many people decide to download the source of crypto currency exchange for free from the Internet or GitHub. But there may be hidden malware in the free source of the online exchange that will cause security problems for you and your users in the future.

Javizen exchange script with responsive support team and real-time monitoring can provide highly secure exchange script to you, dear customers.

security of user’s property

The next issue in the crypto currency exchange source is the security of user’s property.

Many users prefer their property to be under their control every hour and in their own wallet.

On the other hand, the source of the online exchange must have security tools such as confirmation of withdrawal by email or two-step verification code through Google Authenticator software to protect the user's account from being hacked.

high loading

Setting up a crypto currency exchange through free scripts on the Internet may seem simple, but many scripts are not optimized in terms of loading speed.

As a result, the user is delayed for hours to make transactions.
Over time, these scripts cause the loss of clients of the crypto currency exchange.

Therefore, high loading speed on computers, mobile phones and tablets is one of the most important features of a professional crypto currency exchange source.

setting up an exchange with javizen

The most important advantages of setting up an exchange through Javizen

connect to international
exchanges and markets

The Javizen exchange script connects to international exchanges, completing user orders instantly without requiring asset locking for market making. Exchange managers simply need to link their accounts and APIs to the platform.

No limits for
your development and diversification

With the Javizen script, you can create a limitless crypto exchange with options for listing tokens from Tron and BEP20 networks, offering direct tokens, enabling user staking, and even defining your unique cryptocurrency for special discounts.

Javizen Script
written with Vue

The Javizen exchange script loads quickly on all devices, and its appearance is built using Vue. You have full access to the unencrypted source code, allowing you to make changes to your crypto exchange at your convenience.

payment through
international banking portals

Depositing and withdrawing to your crypto currency exchange is possible through various blockchains. In addition, users can make their payment through international banking portals such as Swift, Visa and Master card.

Now, you are familiar with the Javizen crypto currency exchange script in general, I suggest you to refer to the demo of this script. You can see the facilities of a crypto currency exchange in a demonstration form, that has been launched with this script. Also, don’t forget that if you get this script, all future updates of this script will be sent to you for free.

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