Hamster Combat is a popular Telegram game

Hamster Combat is a popular Telegram game based on the Telegram messenger, whose goals revolve around combat, strategy and earning money. By performing various activities in HamsterKombat, you cancollect game coins The game is designed in such a way that by tapping on the screen and completing missions, you level up and earn rewards.

Hamster Combat is a popular Telegram game

Hamster Combat is the latest sensation in Telegram-based games that has attracted more than 60 million players. The gameplay allows players to mine HMSTR coins by running a simulated crypto exchange and tapping their phone screen . After the success of Notcoin , this game quickly became popular among digital currency enthusiasts and gamers.

Hamster Combat is a popular Telegram gamecryptocurrency exchange script

In Hamster Combat , you play as the CEO of a hamster in a cryptocurrency exchange whose goal is to raise coins. You achieve these goals by investing in marketing, licensing, talent, new products, and more. The game offers a unique combination of fun and strategy, and with the promise of token launches and airdrops on the Open Network (TON), which consists of a layer of excitement, brings potential rewards to players.

Salient features of Hamster Kombat

One of the highlights of the Hamster Combat Telegram mini-app (TMA) is the daily combo promotion that rewards you with 5 million free Hamster in-game coins to invest in special upgrades. This daily combo changes every day and requires you to buy or level up three specific items at your exchange . By participating in these promotions, you can significantly increase your in-game treasury and increase your passive income. The combination of engaging gameplay, strategic investment, and the potential for real-world rewards make Hamster Combat a popular choice among crypto gaming enthusiasts.

Introduction to Hamster Combat (HMSTR)

The game ” Hamster Combat ” is a Telegram-based game that has found a new place  in the world of crypto games . In this game, users can earn virtual coins ( in-game tokens ) by collecting hamster cards and playing in the game . There are different types of these cards and by using them you can improve and compete in the game.

Hamster Combat is actively working on building partnerships with major players in the cryptocurrency and gaming industry. For example, integration with the Open Network ( TON ) ensures that Hamster Kombat uses secure, fast and decentralized transactions. This integration is crucial for future airdrops, where players will receive real-world, tradable cryptocurrency tokens based on their in-game earnings.

Airdrop Hamster Kombat

Airdrop Hamster Combat is divided into four parts: negotiating with exchanges, negotiating with market makers, making key collaborations with different collections, and…

In this airdrop, Telegram users can take advantage of the opportunities offered to win special prizes.

Objectives of the hamster game:

The main goal in this game is to collect and manage hamster cards and use them to earn points and upgrade in the game. These types of games are usually designed in such a way that they have high appeal and a great variety of cards and game features to attract users.

Key features of Hamster Kombat

Play-to-Earn model : Earn HMSTR coins by participating in battles and completing in-game tasks.

Daily Combo Promotions : Earn 5 million in-game coins by investing in special daily promotions.

NFT Integration : Every hamster in the game is an NFT that allows trading and selling in the market.

Real World Crypto Market Simulation : Manage a virtual cryptocurrency exchange and mirror real world cryptocurrency dynamics.

Referral system : Earn more rewards by inviting friends to join the game.

Adorable hamster characters : Choose from a variety of cute hamster characters, each with unique abilities.

Customization Options : Customize your hamster with different clothes, accessories and weapons.

Intense combat action : take part in fast-paced battles in dynamic arenas full of obstacles.

Multiplayer Mode : Challenge friends or other players globally in online multiplayer battles.

How to play Hamster Kombat

In this game, you play the role of a warrior hamster and you have to fight with other hamsters to earn coins. I will explain how to play this game:

  1. Start of the game :

    • First, you need to add the Hamster Kombat bot to Telegram.
    • /start Start the game using the command  .
  2. Choosing a hamster :

    • You must choose your hamster. Each hamster has its own characteristics and abilities.
    • Choosing the right hamster can be effective in improving your performance in the game.
  3. a fight :

    • The game is played in turn. On each turn, you and your opponent move in order.
    • You can use your hamster’s special abilities and attacks to damage your opponent.
  4. Earn coins :

    • You will earn coins by winning each fight. Coins can be used to buy equipment and upgrade hamsters.
    • Special equipment and items can increase your chances of winning.
  5. Hamster upgrade :

    • Using the coins earned, you can upgrade your hamster to increase its power and abilities.
    • These upgrades can include increased health, hit power, defense, and other attributes.
  6. Use of strategy :

    • Hamster Combat is a strategy game. Therefore, choosing a suitable strategy and optimal use of the hamster’s abilities can have a great impact on the outcome of the fight.
  7. Challenges and competitions :

    • The game has various challenges and competitions in which you can win coins and special prizes.
    • Participating in these challenges can increase your experience and provide opportunities to earn more money.

Hamster Combat is a popular Telegram game

Gameplay basics

Tap to Earn :

The core mechanic involves tapping a digital hamster to earn coins. This simple action forms the basis of the game, similar to the game mechanics of NoteCoin.

Upgrade your exchange :

Use the hamster coins you earn to upgrade your virtual cryptocurrency exchange. Upgrades can increase your coin earning potential and unlock new features.

Participate in Daily Combos :

Invest in special upgrades every day to earn significant rewards, such as 5 million free in-game HMSTR Coins. These combinations change daily, so stay tuned.

Complete missions :

Take part in special missions to earn extra coins. Missions can vary from simple tasks to more complex challenges.

Using Boosts :

Use boosts to increase your hitting efficiency and increase your energy limit. This will help you earn coins faster.

Earn daily rewards :

Log in daily and complete specific tasks to earn rewards.

Participation in referral programs :

Invite friends to join the game and earn more rewards. This can increase your income significantly.

Everything about Hamster Kombat telegram encryption game

Hamster Kombat recently announced an airdrop on The Open Network (TON) . However, the date is yet to be confirmed. Players who collect in-game coins will receive real, tradeable cryptocurrency tokens during the airdrop. This event is designed to reward active players and encourage more participation in the game.

Airdrop provides an opportunity to turn in-game achievements into real value. With the company you can:

Earning real digital currency :

Accumulated in-game coins can be converted into real, tradable tokens during airdrops.

Increase interaction :

The prospect of receiving valuable rewards motivates continuous interaction with the game.

Step up your game :

Use rewards to further upgrade your trade and improve your position in the game.

How to participate in Hamster Combat Airdrop

Start of the game:

Start by creating a Telegram account and accessing the Hamster Kombat bot . Participate in the gameplay by tapping to earn coins and upgrade your virtual cryptocurrency exchange.

Earn in-game coins :

Actively participate in daily tasks, missions and referral program to maximize your coin earnings.

Accumulation of coins :

The more coins you collect, the more tokens you are likely to receive during the airdrop. Coins can be earned through active gameplay and by using boosts to increase income.

Hamster Combat is a popular Telegram game

Advantages and disadvantages of Hamster Kombat telegram game


  1. Attractiveness and entertainment : Hamster Kombat game offers users an entertaining and fun experience due to the attractive graphics and creative design of the cards.
  2. Earning profit : Users can earn in-game tokens by playing and collecting cards, and if the value of these tokens increases, they can earn financial profit from the game.
  3. Easy access : Since this game runs on the Telegram platform, users do not need to install additional software and can easily access it through Telegram.
  4. Socializing the game experience : Telegram, as a social messaging platform, provides the possibility of direct and easy communication with other players and the exchange of cards and experiences.


  1. Financial risk : Participation in crypto games always comes with financial risks. A fall in the price of tokens or problems in the game’s finances can cause losses to users.
  2. Addiction and spending a lot of time : The attractiveness and features of the game can cause some users to become addicted and spend a lot of time in the game, which may harm their daily life.
  3. Security risks : As a game on the messenger platform, users should pay special attention to the security of their information and avoid possible frauds.
  4. Crypto Market Fluctuations : The value of in-game tokens may fluctuate greatly, which can cause unpredictability of users’ profits and losses.
  5. Dependency on Telegram : Since the game runs in the Telegram environment, any technical problems or limitations created for Telegram can affect access to the game.

Future vision for Hamster Kombat

Hamster Combat shows great potential as it continues to grow in the gaming space for monetization. The game’s rapid rise in popularity, amassing more than 60 million players within three months of its launch, highlights its appeal and the demand for innovative gaming experiences on platforms like Telegram. This growth has been driven by attractive one-hit monetization mechanics and the promise of tangible rewards through Tokenomics and future airdrops.

Integration with the TON blockchain and other blockchain technologies positions Hamster Kombat to tap into the expanding ecosystem of decentralized applications. This connection increases the security and transparency of the transaction, which is crucial for maintaining trust and player engagement. The developers plan to introduce more features and updates, including possible expansions into the NFT and Metaverse spaces , which could significantly increase the value and appeal of the game to a wider audience.

How to convert and withdraw Hamster Kombat coins

The in-game coins you earn using the steps mentioned above can be converted into HMSTR tokens during the airdrop. Here’s how to do it:

Link your TON wallet :

Make sure your cryptocurrency wallet is linked to your Hamster Kombat account. You can use a TON-based wallet like Tonkeeper or a wallet integrated into Telegram . If you choose this option, download and install the Tonkeeper wallet from your app store.

Convert coins to tokens :

Follow the in-game instructions to complete the process. Make sure your wallet is ready to receive tokens and make sure it is properly linked and verified.

Token withdrawal:

Use a TON-based wallet like Tonkeeper to manage and withdraw your $HMSTR coins. You need a few TON coins to cover the gas costs, which are usually minimal.

Token sale:

Once HMSTR tokens are listed on exchanges, you can sell them directly. Make sure you are prepared and know the process in advance to take advantage of potential price pumps immediately after signing up.

By linking your wallet and following these steps, you can effectively convert your in-game earnings into real cryptocurrency tokens ready for further trading or investment. Stay up to date with game announcements to know the exact timing and process of airdrop and token list.

Frequently asked questions about Hamster Kombat

Here, we have addressed some of the questions that users have in their minds so that it can be a guide for friends . So stay with us…

1. How can I earn HMSTR tokens?

You can earn HMSTR tokens by winning battles, completing daily tasks, participating in special events, and participating in airdrop campaigns. Tokens can be used in-game or traded on supported exchanges.

2. What are the benefits of holding HMSTR tokens?

Holding HMSTR tokens allows you to purchase in-game items, upgrade your hamsters, and participate in bets for extra rewards. You can also trade these tokens in various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Hamster Combat is a popular Telegram game

3. Can I trade my hamsters?

Yes, every hamster in Hamster Combat is an NFT. You can trade, sell or buy hamsters on the in-game market or other NFT trading platforms.

4. Is there a cost to start the game?

While it is free to register and download the app, you may need to spend HMSTR tokens or other digital currencies to purchase in-game items or upgrades.


Hamster Combat Telegram game, like many crypto games, has its own interesting opportunities as well as its own challenges. Users should enter these types of games with full information and proper knowledge in order to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid their possible disadvantages and risks.

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